The Original Carpet Pole Dolly is your one-stop solution to aid you and your team when working with any standard size forklift carpet pole.


The Carpet Pole Dolly was purpose-built to make the process of attaching and detaching the carpet pole as easy as raising and lowering the forklift.

Quality Materials

Made of industrial-grade steel and durable treated wood. No assembly required!


At only $399 this game-changer will save you countless hours of labor.

See Carpet Pole Dolly in Action

See Carpet Pole Dolly in Action

See Carpet Pole Dolly in Action

Normally when my guys need to switch the forks back onto the machine it takes 2 or 3 of them to rig up some contraption with pallets to hold the carpet pole up while they work with the forks. The fact that I can leave the forks on the machine and still use the pole to move a roll is next-level genius.

Derek F., Supervisor

I can’t believe I’ve worked in the industry for this many years and have never had one of these. This just changed my life!

Bob G., Warehouse Manager